About Us

ethical . profitable . professional

We are a London based company who are due to launch formally in a few weeks and are inviting local residents to sign up. You will be able to create an online profile, and by signing up early, you will have access to the best jobs. It is an exciting and ethical new venture which has no sales or deliveries, or cleaning, or DIY. 

We are starting in London and will soon move into other parts of the UK so feel free to register your interest if you live in another part of the UK, and we will keep your details on file.

There will be contracts available from between £13 and £40 per hour. You will be working with your neighbours and members of the local community whilst earning a regular and steady income. 


We need our service providers (ie you!) on board first and then we will launch formally. It will grow and become very lucrative for us all. Partner and grow with us.  It will not feel like work at all. 

You can write to us info@jobsies.com 


What we are not ? 

We are not offering cleaning or DIY, household service. 

We will not ask for any joining fees. 

No deliveries and absolutely sales.

Nothing to lose by registering with us

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