students can earn extra cash

the perks


Work close to your accommodation or campus

Our new venture offers flexible working opportunities for everyone and would be ideal for students looking for part time work. You can choose locations close to your dorms, university or college and even back in your home town. 

flexible working hours

You could work mornings, afternoons evenings or weekends. You could do one hour a week or 20 , or more. Its entirely up to you.

more perks


earn between £13 or even £40 per hour

Most contracts on offer will pay £13 or £18 pounds an hour, but if you are a post-grad student with lots of architectural, art, or historical knowledge you can earn a lot more. 

feel good factor

The work on offer will be sociable and guarantees a high feel-good factor. Fun. wellness and a sense of connection to the local community whilst earning money? Sign up now

no sales . no deliveries. no cleaning